About the artist

I believe a lot of impossible things these days. Usually way more than six and never just before breakfast.

I think of my own poems as song lyrics without the music.

what drives me

A line may kiss your ears and it means one thing one day and something completely different the next. And sometimes, they don’t mean anything at all, just words that sound really good pressed together, and that’s ok. I don’t consider myself just a writer (we are never just anything, in fact). I’m a painter too. Each poem exists as its own work of art and words are just the medium I use. It’s all just painting with grammar - me throwing a bunch of words at a page and seeing what sticks. Not everything I write has some profound message or even makes sense. Sometimes, the point is to simply foster the allowance for whatever strange thing wants to express itself on paper.

Though I have been writing since childhood

Once I graduated college, the everyday obligations of life, marriage, and motherhood clouded my purpose, and I lost touch with those visceral parts that electrified me inside.

Thanks to 2020, quarantine and a spiritual awakening...

I unearthed those pieces and began churning out poem after poem in August of that year. Little did I know at the time, I had begun compiling my first poetry collection that pushed me to make the wooly mammoth decision to leave a 14 year relationship and ultimately changed the entire flight plan of my life. That first collection propelled me through a transformative healing journey post-divorce and is a blindingly beautiful example of how writing not only saved my life (to the nth degree) but allowed me to bring forth my most authentic self.

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In 2021, I launched my writing platform on Instagram as a place to showcase my work as a poet and writer. As for the future of this Wild Fantastic I’m creating? Well, I don’t know what the future holds anymore, but I’m beginning to see that’s the point.

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I want to illuminate the beauty and magic this world has to offer.

My intention is to inspire, to spark, to share, to support, to connect, to teach, to love, to love, to love.

My first poetry collection, Pressed Petals, was released in the fall of 2022. I am elated to have that labor of love now out in the world, with many more to follow.