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Welcome to my ever-expanding world of magic and midnight poetry

I have always been a writer, but it wasn’t until the beginning of my personal and spiritual journey back in 2020 that I really began to uncover the gemstones hidden deep within my being.

Once I started writing, I couldn’t stop. I don’t know when I first began penning midnight poetry, but I suspect it must have been very early on in my journey, when I was already delirious from lack of sleep, and the muses said, “Let’s see if she’ll bite,” as the first line dropped into my head: a shiny, glimmering thing in a silver pool of messy thoughts; some my own, most of them not.

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Pressed Petals  is Maverick Malone’s debut into the literary world.

a poetry collection, an exploration of self-love, growth, motherhood, and identity.

Pressed Petals is a testament to the power of storytelling, the magic of the universe, and the raw courage required to follow your dreams and intuition (even when it sounds illogical and involves changing an entire name—first, middle, and last).Metaphorically speaking, this book is the sound a bird makes as she escapes the cage of a confined brain and dares to fly solo about the page. This is the song of how she learned to take up space.

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